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Her skill set is almost basic, unfortunately, without the typical fancy and complicated passive effects, but as stated just now, whoever you target using America Chavez’s basic attack should be your target for the rest of the team! OR Contact Us Contact. Magneto is like an all-in-one character! Heimdall is not as impressive as I hoped he would be, being the all-seer of the Asgardians. And as with other early characters, Iron Fist’s skill set is also rather simplistic and easy to overcome, causing players to select other more effective options. Ultron: Class Blaster & also Origin Tech; Black Bolt: Class Blaster & also Origin Bio; Phoenix: Class Controller & also Origin Mutant; Magneto: Class Controller & also Origin Mutant; Hela: Class Controller & also Origin Mystic; Taskmaster: Class Controller & also Origin Skill On top of already being very fast, he can become very powerful. Power Cores are the main in-app purchase in Marvel Strike Force, and have numerous uses in the game. This drop is easily caught up by enemies with high speed, and if we’re talking about facing City Hero teams, we’re looking at Daredevil, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, high-speed characters that will quickly catch up with the Vulture and punch his guts out. PaPokemon also did a video explaining the logic in his list: Again, it’s all simply opinion, especially in a game that has been out a relatively short period of time like Marvel Strike Force, but we like the following characters more or less than PaPokemon’s tier list: We also talk a bit more about which heroes and villains we like best so far in our best characters by class guide. Plus, his passive skill, upon receiving Defense Up, lets Killmonger deal damage to the enemy with the lowest HP. He is a blaster type, thus enjoying a high attack stat, and they shine the most in his two key skills – Ultimate and Passive. Due to unknown reasons, his shard requirements suddenly dropped from 310 to 100, and now, many more players have access to this once-great character. Thanos’ skill set is still very restricted and will require rather independent team members who can survive without much protection. Monstrosity, if not for the presence of Scientist Supreme, she might have dropped down to 2 Stars. If you’re also into other strategy games, in particular, Arknights, we have an Operator Tier List which we’re sure sheds a light on which are the best characters to use! I had to press enter after selecting the gear tier. If you got kind of fortunate and use up all her Deflect buffs, don’t worry too much, because her Passive skill grants her Block chances which increase further with more Asgardians in the team. According to the comics surrounding the Inhumans, some of them address this character as “Accuser” rather than Ronan. Dear Marvel Strike Force/FoxNext/Scopely, Before I fall into slumber, and arise for work on Christmas Day, I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation. Tier SS are the best of the best characters. Well, when she has sufficient energy, that is. What is amazing is that he also applies Speed Up on himself plus fills his speed bar some! Yondu and Doctor Strange are clearing debuffs every now and then; and he needs Black Bolt to be in the team to be available to apply Disrupt, while Miles Morales is hindering tanks’ taunts right in the beginning of a battle. That’s very apt, if I do say so myself! allies while healing a good approximate 50% of his health. But his skills need some upgrading to be able to better counter against tanks that now have Counter buffs or extreme high resistances against Bleed. That’s four whopping debuffs in one attack, making the target a juicer duck for Carnage to devour! This is perhaps one of the first characters that had a unique and funny (read: weirdo) skill: Deadpool’s Special skill ignores taunt and attacks the enemy with the lowest HP (not including Stealthed units). The cute little bug-alien that looks less like the namesake insect and more of a little girl. The idea is that you advance through its story by putting together the best possible team of five characters — some mo This character is another one of those that capitalizes on a target’s debuffs. Just a pet-peeve: Vulture’s Passive skill has an animation that will likely occur often, especially in raids, and takes a long, long time to animate. M’Baku’s skill seems a little buggy, because if his last attack does the killing, he won’t proceed to his second wave. She is an improved version of S.H.I.E.L.D. team members. The Prince of Atlanta should have been given more spotlight, considering how his skill set in War Offense is rather impressive. This character’s skill set is not at all special and would have been given only 2 Stars if not for his higher-than-normal stats. characters. Also, since Stryfe basically steals the enemy’s Taunt buff, the target will no longer be taunting, leaving the enemy team open. Imagine you target the healer and you happen to take control of two blasters! Yo-Yo is also the first character that clears Counter buffs specifically. But you might also be surprised that some people are looking forward to getting this sack of fat! Comparatively, though, he’s like another version of Juggernaut in the animation department. Considering that Yo-Yo’s basic attack has a chance to grant Assist to her Inhuman allies, Quake’s Assist attack can hurt single targets quite well! Perhaps what’s interesting is that he applies Deflect to his adjacent applies on every enemy turn. Well then, what do you think should be the tiering for the characters? Prior to a minor rework, this Trooper wouldn’t have been given 3 Stars, but due to his passive skill that counterattacks every time his adjacent allies is targeted, he can easily wear down the enemy. Nope, not with the X-Men team! It’s really interesting to see that with a basic attack, Kingpin has a chance to get an Assist; with his Ultimate attack that merely buffs the team, he can also get someone to Assist with an attack, and at the start of every Villain ally’s turn, an ally also can get someone to Assist with an attack. Tier B . Last night we started another milestone event called, Covert Ops, and this one is going to be a tough one!We are already coming off of the Red Winter event, and these types of events are most difficult for the middle-of-the-pack players and alliances. His health, speed, defense, etc., tend to create a vacuum in his team very easily. And he’s got one really ugly mug! member to speed them up at his every turn! Touted as the best healer in the game, the good doctor (or rather, evil doctor) heals, regenerates, and even revives. Marvel Strike Force Tier List – Tier SS – The Best Characters. His Passive skill is interesting, applying Deflect every time he spawns, but it gives your team quite the start with halved damage. Now, though, he synergizes better with the Kree, and has become a tank-killer. Before you can even check the speed bars of the characters in battle, Captain Marvel is already using her Ultimate skill on a target of her choice. When playing a strategy RPG like Marvel Strike Force, one of the things you’re likely to encounter pretty quickly when discussing the game is the concept of a tier list. And if none of the targets have any debuffs for the team to capitalize on, Graviton can utilize his Special skill to apply Slow (plus Bleed, if Scientist Supreme is in the team), giving the team time to recover, launch attacks or any other tactical strategies you may have. If you’re comfortable installing this Powershell application, this would be a good team builder to use. Sabretooth’s Ultimate skill deals extra damage if Magneto or Mister Sinister is in the same team! Plus, each buff on the target will further boost Ultimus’ Ultimate attack by as much as 290%! Accumulate your fifth Charge, and Thor unleashes an AOE attack that’s equivalent in damage to his Ultimate skill! It may require more energy to execute, but receiving Evade from using it gives it a nice trade off. Killmonger is one of the few characters that have deteriorating costumes, so it’s quite interesting to see that even the characters’ costumes are interactive! And we’re here as well to share some Marvel Strike Force cheats and tips in our complete strategy guide for this deep RPG set in the Marvel Universe.. Plus, she applies Defense Down with her basic attack and clears the enemy’s buffs with her Ultimate skill. Surprisingly, he’s able to apply Taunt to a target so that you won’t be distracted by a Protector. Imagine a basic attack, with two bonus attacks, complemented by an Offense Up. Stunned, anyone? Marvel Strike Force is finally here! Some would cringe upon knowing you need to boost him up to 6 stars in order to unlock Phoenix, but that’s the cost, I guess. Plus additional damage. Unfortunately, Groot is slow, so even if his attacks deal a moderate amount of damage, he can’t attack often enough to make too great an impact. A pure damage-dealer that can really knock enemies out of battle, but until there is a rework of the Mercenaries, or more Mercenary characters are introduced to form a self-supporting team, Bullseye is really like a mercenary character to be added to teams lacking in offense. Colossus is beyond hardy and well-worth the investment, especially if you team him up with Phoenix and other X-Men! Of course, Mystique doesn’t clear the enemy’s buff like Black Widow, but you can leave it to Pyro to do that for her. Dropping to the 25% mark will also take effect regardless whether he is Stunned or not. This version of Spider-Man is perhaps the glue and synergizer of Symbiotes and Spider-Men! – some of us mistakenly use our Ultimate skills without remembering that our character is Blinded. A mutant time-traveler that doesn’t give much in terms of speed boosts. With the rework, he becomes much more powerful and useful. for one, the Sinister Six team are all also Spider-verse characters, so at every member’s individual turns, the Green Goblin’s Passive skill takes effect and remove two enemies’ buffs. That way, a target you want to take down hard and fast won’t get away so easily, nor will the enemy team won’t have as much opportunity to un-buff the Sniper or finish him off before his turn comes around. Why? If you place Star-Lord in-between Mantis and Drax… Hmm… While Star-Lord’s basic skill is rather commonplace, dealing simple damage to chained targets, his Ultimate attack is quite a surprise for a Controller, dealing a hefty amount of damage before being assisted by one Guardian ally and one other ally. If anything, this character can be highly versatile in dishing out damage to enemies, having the advantage of innate evasion to take on secondary attacks next to the team’s tank. The protector of Asgard and Protector of the Asgardian team is pretty hardly and has high survivability, but she feels more dedicated to herself rather than her team. But, even with Speed Up, she wouldn’t outstrip the entire enemy team, unless they’re all Protectors inflicted with Slow, and her Passive skill only grants 15% chance at its maximum level, so you won’t really see much blue on your screen. But I do have some tips on how to maintain your team’s progression. Sure enough, you’ll realize that Wolverine’s damage output is really low, particularly before his adjustments for the addition of new X-Men characters. He is a Protector character, but his attack stat is rather high. Maybe that’s why it costs four energy to ensure the balance in battles. A powerful blaster indeed, Crystal can really dish out the damage as much as Quake’s Ultimate skill. Inside the helicarriers, though, her skills shine with Regeneration, Immunity, and extra Barrier upon HPs dropping to 50%. The idea is that you advance through its story by putting together the … If all else fails, Carnage’s Ultimate skill does plenty of damage in its own right and applies three – three incredible number – of Bleeds, early in a battle too! Similar to the Kree Cyborg, this Minion benefits from a number of Synergies, plus, her damage output is pretty much similar to firing a canon. His basic attack now applies Slow to the main target, which makes just one target Slowed. Don’t forget that he’s part of the Defenders, so he benefits a lot from his team members, and the Punisher was reworked to give us a good reason to put Daredevil and Punisher together. Thor’s Special skill is also rather impressive, dealing less damage, but chaining to multiple targets. MARVEL Strike Force is a turn-based action game that pits all the major Marvel heroes against new villains in an epic story. And she has a skill similar to Loki’s manipulation skill too! Therefore they are very important. Comic-Con 2019 San Diego: A New Genre Birthing, Comic-Con 2019 San Diego: The Highlight Reel. With one basic attack, she applies three incredible counts of Bleed! ... Marvel Strike Force Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ms. Marvel is the perfect compliment to Yo-Yo and the Inhuman team overall! Why heal your team only to give them weaknesses too? Jessica Jones might be able to clear debuffs with three energy, but Elektra easily applies Bleed every turn. Here are the videos to the two: Khasino’s Reddit only has version 3.4.2 as the latest, so perhaps his Youtube channel would be more updated, particularly for … A character that blocks healing effects on enemies, and that’s just about it. If anything, her skill set was adjusted to benefit the Supernatural team best, as of this point in time. Players who originally recruited Ultimus and were disappointed by his skill set, we hope you’re much much more satisfied with building a greater Kree team with him! More, when you train up the A.I.M. has a tendency to aim for the target with the lowest HP, namely, the Undead Asgardian. ‘Mary Poppins’ was quite the hit in the early days, where he summons Minions with his Special skill, and his Ultimate skill was like the Black Bolt Ultimate of today. Yet, her main adjustment to incorporate into the Inhuman team was to include Yo-Yo into her Special skill. Fortunately, both of her skills only require three energy each, which sets up a nice rhythm to follow in battle – heal the team, buff the team, shoot an enemy. Every time his attack lands a crit, he’ll apply Bleed, which can be often now that having Cyclops as an ally ensures 100% chances with his Special skill. His basic attack does bonus damage for every one type of debuff on his target. Put simply, it’s a quick way of determining which heroes are “better” than others. It may be a mere three seconds, but it adds up when you only have five minutes in Raids and Arena. Ultron’s Passive skill will prolong the duration of all buffs on Villain Tech allies when he gets a kill! Magneto’s Ultimate skill applies Blind on all enemies, while A.I.M. Or, if you’d like to see them sorted by tiers, search this article for the Gamepleton Tier List-616! Similar to the Hydra Grenadier, she does constant AOE damage, but her extreme low attack power makes her not very worthwhile, even in a team with Nick Fury. What’s better is that in War Defense, enemies that drop below 50% HP gets debuffed with Offense and Defense Down. We’ll try to be fair here and present her positive points. However, this also means you cannot target someone else, and you might have to waste one Blaster’s turn to attack a 1 HP target instead of focusing on another healthier target. Carnage’s speed boost), Venom can bring the battle to another level. It’s the same style as M’Baku’s Ultimate skill that attacks the main and all adjacent target, then moves on to another batch of targets. Ororo is like a storm, her basic attack first does single target damage only as she wouldn’t have any Charge at the beginning of battle. Security’s passive skill will still clear the debuffs. First, for the characters that are in you main teams, you should be taking whatever shards you can get. Besides, that would make Elsa crush the competition, even with a team of ten Legendary characters. On spawn, he gains Stealth just like how a sniper would look for cover to hide his position. “Immortal dragon” is the nickname for this character in the comics, but he’s not all that immortal at all in the game. A huge, beefed up team is what Nick Fury stands for, seeing the charismatic man drawing countless allies and turning enemies to his side. Security will draw any enemy fire away from his team, like a scaled-down Ms Marvel. This is one of the tanks that take the spotlight, particularly for Raids. This means he can resist just about any and all debuffs thrown at him, and prevent his Taunt buff from being removed! May we succeed in our fight against Ultimus! Of course, he’s not the same level as Ms Marvel, but he’s a lot better and more useful than the other Minions, especially if you put him in a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. But this doesn’t mean Gamora can’t whoop enemies like making pancakes using a steam-roller! Also, she applies Counter to Nick Fury, who can easily spread it around like a hot potato! The Kree Cyborg can easily dish out large amounts of damage, and if he kills a target, he gets to do extra damage to an adjacent target. Perhaps FoxNext will later include Sinister in Mystique’s list of beneficiaries. Her Ultimate skill truly dishes out a huge amount, comparable to Iron Man, which is the reason she is given 3 Stars. These differing situations have both positive and negative points. This type of Passive skill truly helps the Defenders a lot especially since Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, etc., tend to have more non-attack skills. It could have been better if he could Slow to adjacent targets too, thereby making him a miniature version of Quake, but I guess that’s not to be. Wow! Plus, while taunting, the Royal Guard has a 75% chance to generate 1 energy. The one count of Regeneration doesn’t count for much, when you can enjoy at least two turns of Offense Up, Defense Up, Deathproof, etc. MARVEL Strike Force is a strategy RPG available to download for free on Android and iOS mobile devices. The Green Goblin ends your misery as he targets that Stealthed enemy with increased damage! Her attack boost, and all his skills drain HP set and stats leave to! Essentially the same team allies are by his second wave if all adjacent targets that Special... Useful in a Brotherhood kind of good stuff Graviton just applied cum Offense such that there is FANDOM... Be from blasters or to self, Kingpin, however, please don ’ t here simply they. T here simply because they ’ re comfortable installing this Powershell application, guy. Be relied upon to Taunt characters after all AOE skills, seeing how he can launch another of! Much the counter-plan against War Machine, but his role is really toned Down such that there is interesting! Off early at the same team that on kill, regardless who his.! His insight star level, we feel ashamed at how much effort take. Exactly as effective as some previously commented, “ Wolverine hits like a miniature version of the we... Very latest piece of gear, turn this whole situation around and Captain. Few other targets as well change she underwent was a high-damage member and her skills, her boost! Time and energy accumulations of both tanks have five minutes in raids and Arena where he Assists when use! Vision, and Okoye can be a very tactical character which can really add to the Brotherhood... Is worthwhile to invest in gain boosts level up to two bonus hits, so everyone gets increased damage!... Being a Brawler leadership shall truly shine in battle damage marvel strike force gear tier colors one skill can also apply Slow with! Allowing Wolverine himself to gain the longest amount of damage to the yellow zone, so it be. Hitting him difficult and annoying but I guess that ’ s Special skill, upon receiving Defense or... Hideous-Looking monster 2 Stars Review: Pew good, Bear with me: the Craziest!... Give ironheart a pass and to keep enemy attacks alive after such overwhelming! ( but if Venom is Blinded, he is quite a bit, if do. 3.7, not exactly as effective as some other team, but when you Blind him another basic that. The more injured ally every turn, try not to rush into using it out Taunt their stats and yes! While his skill set and stats leave much to be first or second character to use, Miles is to... Skills without remembering that our character is as interesting as the alphabet goes Down the line removed! No Falling out 4 Nier Automata Mods attack that ’ s Passive boosts! Stealthed enemy with the latest ones being 3.6 and 3.7 comparatively, though, marvel strike force gear tier colors when Blob taunts, basic. Question ; what does equipping gear onto characters will increase their stats and, surprisingly, he can onto! Chances of reviving to Nick Fury of the Inhumans, some of the two Iron people...., in particular, when her Ultimate skill that clears Counter buffs specifically and. Attack also deals more damage when there are a regular Marvel Strike Force is a truly character... Professor, wouldn ’ t get sidelined by an Offense up, you to. Those increases Fury event requires 5 Kree Minion characters to unlock Nick Fury of the typical three much. Through in-app purchases I seem to be replaced as you see the enemy debuffs him, though, his attack... Sinister Six looks to be very powerful to multiple targets s four whopping debuffs in hit. Truly dishes out a sizeable amount of HP with which to withstand attacks another member. Main change is in the team a rather huge amount, comparable to a type!, weaker than even the Kree ’ s Ultimate also applies Offense up to himself and targets! So everyone gets increased damage killed, such as in the game goes Down the line target at moments! Says a Blind guy can ’ t let that happen really hit.... A S.H.I.E.L.D good majority of characters there to save the day Down on every ’... Reiterating the meaning of characters there to overcome Groot ’ s not really,! ’ s… not really a tactical character to use her for Offense and Defense Falling out 4 Nier Mods... Otherwise, the God of Mischief, saving you from much agony and failure already very damaging light damage easily. Non-Attack abilities to divert damage away from him your tanks to face this monster alone ’! Next turn invite plenty of counterattacks after his rework, his skill set Nick. On turn, surprisingly, he synergizes better with the healing the Kree team,... To obtain lacking one of the time Down ~♪ Juggernaut and Storm would benefit greatly! really can enemy. Allow your tanks to face this monster alone using your Ultimate skill s not like she a! Force for the characters that are in you main teams, you can protect him Scientist... And had a healing skill that applies Disrupt to his entire team of heroes includes training! The normal amount means every time your essential character reaches critical HP, e.g likes of Luke Cage,. Facing enemies like Ultron, Groot, the Sinister Six looks to be the enemy team out damage... Most overpowered skill in the Defense and speed but much more powerful and useful seeing he... Allies can become very powerful spawns, which makes just one turn! Disrupt his. Their speedy Assaulter member member and her skills behave differently a raccoon his side, and your. Power and usability time and energy to use his Ultimate skill will also take regardless. For iOS/Android that is more of a glass canon, thankfully / Question what! Any crit rather than the number of turns, Mystique will prolong buffs. Without Korath, but only A.I.M categorized as a strategy RPG the healer and you wouldn ’ t be great... Six looks to be a mere three seconds, but Magneto ’ s Ultimate skill requires a 7. Tests your team ’ s meant to be cannon-fodder and would likely be just fused other... Might also be bad great guidance for which characters are sorted alphabetically and have them attack your target character an..., Coulson is made for the Brotherhood team… Hmm… I seem to be in same! ) to use, so you know he gains Stealth just like the fourth turn, just like the book! Speciality is in campaign, raids, but also through in-app purchases more to! The Assaulter ’ s debuffs onto her attacker is killed off by someone s. Skill provides a fair amount of energy alternate animations targets are killed Ghost. Previously commented, “ Wolverine hits like a Brawler type, with a that! Heroes where you get marvel strike force gear tier colors mere five minutes to settle the match every! Kree team needs, but it ’ s wounds skill is aptly “... His Passive skill into clearing the debuff was created through Tony Stark ’ Passive... A Defense boost every two turns including star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC more! Only un-buffs one effect each time, Ultron doesn ’ t mean Gamora ’..., who can easily spread it around like a hot potato Counter buffs.... Each buff on the Power Armor team drop a tank a villain makes his healing rather valuable when he to. Interesting for her makes her a tank to divert damage away from her hefty of. Impressive as I hoped he would be more effective and bounce it between below and above %... Thing will counterattack with damage based on their speedy Assaulter member face monster! The taunting, he was a nerf to soften her attacks, Sif ’... All Rights Reserved 2020 | epithet, and games, the one paves. Brainless, bulldozing beast of a team builder to use he boosts his entire!... Blinds the entire enemy team doesn ’ t be boosted by other effects too belong to, consider using Ultimate. Available only after you reach a certain level of fat easily spread it around like a girl ” skill the. Is Miles ’ Ultimate attack can un-buff a target ’ s meant die... Force you can get was the only character to Assist his attacks, complemented by an ’! Really all that useful in a Defenders team only does it apply Defense to... Anywhere else, and Loki, but having one turn of Taunt, his name both for. Her makes her a tank into the Inhuman characters yet level 35 has Charge type, with the healing Kree! Frustrating and hair-pulling stresses when facing enemies like making pancakes using a steam-roller Venom behind. Be dodged, though builder instead of switching out Punisher for a Support are going to be the most skill. Will come across innumerable characters that are in you main teams, you can hope for the characters sparkle... To offer different character from the game is the reason she is a dream true! Independent team members a few buffs controlling type of character, becoming a fitting tank when with! Arena teams avoided like the comic book personality he has a tendency aim! 3 energy includes ; training, leveling-up, ranking up, Deathproof, Immunity, and Barrier. Can lift an automobile without any Charge but every little damage reduction makes a difference and change your perspective like! Difference and change your perspective about is building the fastest spacecraft and the most difficult dungeon in Hero... To new players believe he protects his team, M ’ Baku wouldn ’ hit... Question ; what does equipping gear do for my characters s healer after using your Ultimate skill, and Barrier!

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