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Please enter a valid email address. El servicio de ATC de Amazon me solucionó el problema rápidamente. It is definitely not my favorite, but it is the one I carry in my purse, always. For me it's not fruity floral, rather musky floral scent which has a distinct difference from the regular girly floral scents. I would add my vote of 'like' as well. This is by far my favourite perfume from Carolina Herrera and in my opinion, better than any of the 212 flankers that followed. Givenchy Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum Spray for Women, 2.5 Ounce. You never know what they are filling the bottles with. I hate the packaging. !It's not to overwhealming but it does have a long lasting power.A special delicate and soft flowery fragrance with a citrusy kick.I like it, I like it!! Smells like Bath & Body Works' Gardenia fragrance. Fresh musk. Let's just say that this one wasn't for me. Perfect for everyday . Lots of freesia and something green like lily-of-the-valley. It probably blends well with my skin :) It's not too daring nor too subtle, just the right amount of sensual & elegant, To set this fragrance the word "versatility" is the best one. Not unpleasant, but not what I was searching for. Unfortunately, the base smells too soapy. Got it for the first time in 2000 and have been waiting the price to do down (LOL at myself) It is perfection in a bottle. This is one time I'm really glad I waited a while to write a review. I love wearing this perfume before meeting and this perfume is very long lasting. This is the perfume I go back to every summer and would wear this for any occasion, daytime or evening, or simply for everyday wear. Testing 212 on my wrist my first thought way i hate it but the idea changed into like than into adore. I had it a long time ago, in 2003, so only describe the memory. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. It sort of reminds me of Glo by JLO...they're not exactly alike but I think the type of fragrances are the same. 212 was launched in 1997. I've paid more than that for most of the bottles in my modest collection. Nein, Carolina Herrera ist aus Caracas/Venezuela. ), Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 28, 2019, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 5, 2020, I made a purchase on Amazon but my order came wrong, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 1, 2015. I get a lot of compliments. Non mi era mai capitato di acquistare un profumo online ma l'esperienza è stata positiva: la confezione è perfetta, la fragranza idem, il venditore preciso e puntuale. Notify me. It also smells soapy-powdery, evoking a classic and expensive soaps that do smell good. I've been curious about this fragrance for years and finally tried it thanks to my monthly fragrance subscription. I've been thinking of getting a bottle of this for the last 17 years or so, but I always ended up buying something more expressive either way - sweeter/spicier or fresher/more floral. It's young, clean and crispy and sophisticated in a womanly way. This item: Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume for Women 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray $61.24 ($18.01 / 1 Fl Oz) Carolina Herrera 212 By Carolina Herrera For Men. There's plenty of gardenia, jasmine and lilly. Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site. There is a warm feel to the florals, which is balanced by the soft freshness of the cactus. Pretty revolting for the first 2 hours. White flowers on a spring breeze, fresh lemon juice, long flowy dresses, cuddles under cool smooth sheets... Not a beach scent, though, more countryside. I'm not huge fan of lily-of-the-valley and trying to skip those perfumes which has this note, because usually it's overpowering. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. But dry down is much better and very floral. Drydown takes about 20 mins, the smell gets slightly more bearable after that. Though, my gfs love it. It's a very sophisticated scent that would be great for almost any occasion. 212 is very much of a just-out-of-the-shower scent. The first impression just after spraying on, was immediate dislike. I bought it and I really like it but now it doesn't remind me of Cleopatra at all and on me has no lasting power. I sprayed it like at 1pm and it's 1:34 in the morning and I'm still smelling this on my arm so on me it's lasting for an exceptional period of time which is phenomenal because there aren't many perfumes that last one me! Very clean, but not too sweet. good lasting power. I found a sample of 212 in magazine and that way it became my first perfume. this will be perfect in the spring but i couldn't wait until then to purchase it, i had to have it now. It's really weird. It does smell a little soapy but nothing is too distinct in this, it doesn't smell overtly floral or green and I definitely don't get fruity from it. Fresh flowers - but just not really "me". It's my girlfriend's one of the favourites. It has good combination and balance, it's nice, not overpowering, classy, but not plain. To me it starts with mild citrus notes, like mandarin or bergamot, then it turns into musky floral. Flowers are more dominant than fruits in this fragrance... has a distinctive and persistent scent of lily (Im really like this), also a soft touch of bergamot. That was ok. Then he sprayed one on her right arm. To sum it up, it is the kind of fragrance that makes you feel fresh, that you can wear during all seasons, it has moderate silage (for those who want to be noticed) and it lasts for 10h on my skin. It brings a young, pink-cheeked feeling to the spring sun. The fragrance is optimistic, a symbol of the curiosity and energy of a young urban woman living in a large city. Notify me. Frete grátis. Also very fast vanishing. I was looking for a soft spring fragance since I have a lot of powdery, heavy perfumes. On clothing smells so many days, it has a good projection. Starting off with tangerine, bergamot, and rose pepper, this Carolina Herrera women's perfume gives you a fresh citrus fragrance. I say girl on purpose, I think it doesn't really suit a woman older than 30-35. I wanted to remember why I loved it so much so I purchased it online. LOVED IT. Fragrance Reviews: 1021201 I've reviewed this one before and must admit I wasn't that impressed by the soapiness in this. This clean musky floral makes me feel cool, calm and collected. And SO hard to remove from the silver thing in the middle that holds them together. This is just nauseating. (OK by me......! She smelled so good that I had to spin around and ask her what she she had on. :p i had one as a gift, but i already pass it on to my friend, who is actually a guy. Definetely a masterpiece. This scent is lovely! It is a good perfume- smells clean but expensive. If it mixes well with your chemistry it's a gorgeous fragrance but it doesn't work on me. There are days I like soft or floral or spicy or unique scents. I've repurchased 212 several times now and have never found the bottles difficult to remove from the middle, nor have ever had any leakage. 212 VIP ROSE by Carolina Herrera Perfume 4.2 oz. Little pricey, but worth the money. He wanted to find a perfume for me so he and a bunch of his workmates all went down to the store on the ship and sprayed each other with different scents. 212, I love thee, let me count the ways...I have owned this perfume for a few years, and I always go back to it once I've worn different perfumes. I will give it to her for her birthday soon! Love the sillage, it leaves such a nice after scent in my wake. This is soap and water freshness in a bottle, 212 is clean, cool and somewhat metallic, for that reason, I love it. Very nice! I have 2 kinds of parfume, soft and harder that be able use in different session, I love it cause I didn't get headache smelled it, but fresh and bright! It reminds me of Alfred Sung's Pure, which I like a lot, but this one didn't work for me. so probably not a safe gift option. 212 is clean, fresh, feminine and sexy. 5 with Lasts a good 8-10 hrs. What I love the most about tis perfume is the drydown. bought it after read the review here and i am happy with the smell and the longevity, the top note is not so nice, but as it dried down, u will love it, clean, fresh, suit for everyday wear,it is no more available here in my country, managed to buy the rejected one, the one for tester only,cheaper with long last power and clean , fresh smell, i love it. We recently got an Ulta store in our shopping mall, so a girlfriend and I went to check it out today. i went to ulta looking for a new winter perfume. Maybe because it's my aunts winter signature. Epitomizing the Carolina Herrera woman, this seductive blend of captivating tangerine, bergamot, and rose pepper sprinkled with floral petals, gardenia, and hints of cotton candy warmed with musk is sure … I received it and on first spray I remember why...so clean, fresh, but with a hint of sandalwood peaking through. Perfect day-to-day fragrance, inoffensive but unique enough to not be boring, and I always get compliments with it. 3.94 For Her. CLEAN CLASSIC Eau de Parfum Light, Casual Perfume Layerable, Spray Fragrance Vegan,... Waist Trainer for Women Corset Cincher Body Shaper Girdle Trimmer with Steel Bones ... 6pcs Matte Velvety Liquid Lipstick Matte Liquid Lipgloss Waterproof Lip Gloss. What is the purpose of dividing it into two bottles? These were just my first impressions. 2 friends were with me and they had the same feeling about Cleopatra. This really works great on my skin. It's smells pleasant and fresh, but also a bit cheap. It's a clean, understated fragrance that speaks every day elegance that people find very attractive because you're approachable. Thankfully, it works for me! Thankfully, Amazon was very good about it and refunded me the full amount when I called them and complained. Everyday frag for me. I fell scent of lily, gardenia and jasmine, also it has a little hint of lily-of-the-valley. It has recently become one of my favourites...beautiful, elegant, feminine and unobtrusive .. it reminds me of Samsara - but a much kinder and softer version. 212 NYC 100ml Eau de Toilette and Body Lotion ... Carolina Herrera Fragrances Gifts. i dont like it, it smells like a dirty soap-holder, or like dust. After I had sprayed myself in Sephora, I was surrounded by a little cloud of 212 radiating off my skin all night. This perfume is produced in Spain, sorry, with only very few exceptions I only wear French perfume (mind u, Italian, British famous perfumes are all made in France). It's sign is Virgo. This particular one is for the days I just want to smell "clean". Smells fresh and crisp, which is how it draws me to own a bottle of it, I love it when I first put it on. A nice soft clean scent for days when you don't want to be too "perfumey". Nice and light. Whenever this smell passes me by it makes me think that she's near around me. I love 212 but for this one, i am not really sure if this is the real one or knock off. I'm definitely getting this one to add to my collection! If I try to smell my wrists or wherever I sprayed, it's like 'Poof' magically disappears and then resurfaces sometime later. Encontré el perfume en una oferta muy buena, y cuando llegó a casa (pensemos que por error) no se trataba del formato de 100ml, sino de 60ml, por lo que la oferta dejaba de ser tan atractiva. It also has a unisexy vibe that I don't quite care for. Seductive & Magnetic. I quite like it as an everyday kind of fragrance, it is quite light and wont scare the horses. Or a dirty soap holder (thanks Amanda! EDP Spray Women. Skip to main content. For some reason, this perfume gives me strong headaches (sometimes even migraines) So I gave it to my mum for her to use, on her skin, it smells fantastic. The citrus in it is not too overpowering at all :-). It remembers me Anais-Anais, but is softer. Summary: boring and artificial on paper and while wet, but magnificently juicy and natural feeling green floral musk as soon as it dries on my warm skin. New collection. it is a safe choice for everyday. The result is a rounded fragrance that is modern and feminine. Frete grátis. Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2019. EDT is a very interesting, because too adic mixed and volatile elements with elements very dense and floral (gardenia I think). Scent: Sweet. I blindly purchased this perfume at 2008 just because of friend's suggestion. not bad....I think its very fresh smelling but nothing special that I would spend the money on it. Turns into a skin scent at the 5th hour. But I was just so confused by the bottle I had to comment on it. The longevity and silage is very good, and I can understand that some can really love it, but try it before you buy it. I still purchase a bottle every now and then cause I'm still in love with it It's a very safe choice for work and very recognisable. The feminine fragrance for 212 VIP, a glamorous essence with a magnetic golden bottle, symbolic of the natural magnetism of the 212 VIP girl. R$ 44, 10. sem juros. This last purchase...it smelled horrible. Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases … It's just perfect. This is clean and fresh. It smells clean and that's it ;-). New season. Smells really good on clothes, too. However it has become that fragrance that everybody wears, do that's the down side for me! Ooh this is good! I think this is a very clean scent. I found this EDT for a great price for 60ml (2x30ml bottles). Oh, I simply love it! So i am thinking if this is half fake? Very feminine perfume. Wow I am super late to the party . The mixture of Easter lily and camellia with a little cactus juice is an amazing combination. Initially it's a bit too floral but then it dries down nicely to a soft floral. I could see wearing it to homecoming or Oktoberfest. For my skin ,it hard for me. If I were you I'd contact the store you purchased your bottle from and see if they'll replace it for you x, So while I somewhat like this, I definitely don't love it. I am looking for a smell that smells like detergent or soap: very fresh and right for every occasion. How I didn`t come upon it before? A true keeper. Not cloying, unless you go crazy with it. 212 belongs somewhere in between, which leaves me with a sense of unrest. Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2018. Carolina Herrera 212 Perfume for Women 3.4 oz Eau De Toilette Spray. I've never considered it to be seductive..and have it just for the opposite reasons,it is easy to wear it if you run arround the city, work or do sports. I thought it was nice, not great or charming or an obscure object of desire: just nice. SHOP NOW 212 Sexy 100ml Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion 1 Size. It is being marketed by Puig. 212 brings me a peaceful feeling. I could also imagine spraying this on a favorite scarf and wearing it while sitting on a balcony, sipping my favorite tea, and watching the autumn leaves. Top notes include orange blossom, bergamot and mandarin. Same vibe as CK one, but without spiciness. The 212 VIP fragrance is defined by an exhilarate rum distilled from sugarcane and aged in oak barrels. Sedate, crisp, very slightly powdery/heady, metallic. It's almost too powerful linear but not intrusive as it may be overdosing. This starts off quite citrusy on my skin, but then mellows out to a sharp white floral with the sandalwood shimmering through. Just bought it yesterday and what can I say? For the most captivating fragrance, spray the Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy perfume. I love that perfume. It is calm and feminine when she is relaxed, and bold when she is active....the trail marks herbunforgettable identity and lasting memory. Fast forward to many years later, I have an enormous collection. It is very popular. makes me feel clean all day, as i took a shower yet. The silage was great, though not over-powering. The cactus flower was probably the most apparent note on my skin, and jasmine and bergamot stood out as well. I felt so fortunate to own such intricately designed perfume flacon and smell like heaven. I love it from the first spray till the end of the day :).My husband says it's seducing.I think that is the most definite word for this perfume. Many come very close to me to smell this, and they let me know it too. Thank you, Carolina Herrera, I love you. When I was younger my mum was bought this as a gift, I remember I really liked how it smelt, in comparison to Chanel No5 and Calvin obsession that I couldn’t stand. Now I'm interested in getting the men's Cologne. I heartily recommend. Somehow 'sexy' has more sweet and seductive notes and sort of feels closer to me and my skin. And I wouldn't recommend it for the people who have sensitivities for smells.. I don't know if it as only mine, but the one I got doesn't smell like the real one at al. It is mild floral, sophisticate,and in the end smells like some musk and sandalwood. You walk in the rainy city with your umbrella, wet streets, smile on your face, pleasant perfume cloud around you. I would still wear it as a night fragrance, though. SHOP NOW 212 VIP 80ml Eau de Parfum 4 Sizes. Good in hot weather. 212 VIP Rosé 80ml Eau de Parfum and Body Lotion ... Bad Boy: The New Masculine Fragrance. But there was something that made me think this is a great perfume for me, found a good tester in another shop. Very similar at first but a touch powdery. I cannot understand the ratings. I had had the 'Sexy' version of this before but couldn't find it anywhere (went to 3 different shops!). I find it pleasant, although nothing special and not particularly original, this seems to be the most common type of scent these days. Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. I love, love, love this scent, when I spray this on, I can smell the sweet gardenias and sandalwood, the soft musk stays all day making you feel like you just steped out of the shower. A good choice for office being light enough yet having a great lasting power. The drydown is my favorite part, and the sillage is great- days later it's still in my clothes! It makes me gag. For Night. someone else is gone like it :). I like the smell on me! It's quite pleasant but nothing extraordinary for my nose. It's clean and fresh fragrance, with big portion of white floral note. Online right now: 1534, Fragrantica in your language: I can smell the orange blossom with the first spray but that fades pretty quickly. 212 was a pleasant surprise. A formal perfume with a hint of soft tenderness and warmt. It's nice but not for me. The musk is the most prominent. It is a good perfume, a bit overwhelming and strong for me. Notes consist of jasmine sambac, cedar, labdanum, aquatic green accord, peony, brown sugar accord, mint leaves, pink pepper, limone primo fiore. And this is surprising because the middle notes are the usual white flowers and rose. 212 VIP Wins is a new and limited perfume by Carolina Herrera for women and was released in 2021. Sweet sweet sweet and tender. We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. I love it ! It either works with your body chemistry or it doesn't, and you must enjoy musk. It's fresh, clean, soapy but yet interesting. I really like Carolina Herrera's line , In my opinion, she seems to be a pretty elegant woman. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. I think 212 is best worn in spring and summer, it's very light, floral and clean smelling which is nice in warm weather. This would definitely work as an autumn fragrance, but to me, prominent musk works only when it’s below 70°F, therefore I would not wear this in summer, and I find it very much a one season fragrance. It was summer and at the beach bar I could smell her from meters away. R$ 12, 46. 212 tries very hard to be a modern & fresh perfume, but all it achieves is a chemical stink with a hint of decay. The smell is literally toxic, the worse 212 perfume ever and I have heard others complain about it. Longevity is pretty great. :). To me, I wear this scent best in the fall and winter. Shop at Carolina Herrera's Official Website. Descubra a melhor forma de … It's been more almost 2years that I have a tiny bottle of 212 but I forgot to write a review for it.actually I even forgot I have it until recently that I washed my cotton bed sheets and wanted something clean to spray on it and this was the first thing that caught my eyes.since then I'm liking it more and more. Personally, I love white flowers, especially, lilies, so I like this perfume. I can understand this might be a disaster and seem chemically or synthetic if it does not suit your particular skin chemistry, but for me those particular elements work in this perfume - I don't always want to smell like something that grows out of the ground :) In the summer I'd wear it too, it's definitely suited to a city. Honestly I love it. But still, not for me, there is something that I just do not like about it, for me it smells quite artificial. There is also an unusual green note that must be the cactus flower. My signature fragrance, though I like many other perfumes. I would classify this as floral soapy with some hints which evoke the city: at first it is a little metallic, but not in a bad way. This is not a real review because I have tried it just once and on a paper strip but for sure I'm going to try it again and this time on my skin because I find it absolutely lovely on paper. Designer Carolina Herrera has 138 perfumes in our fragrance … Good choice for everyday use, at work, school, etc. Very 90’s. A while back, maybe around two years ago, I'd splurged and spent about $150 on a big box of all kinds of samples, and I'd included this one. Everyone say it all here, smooth carefree lively no distinctive but remarkable..simply elegance and long lasting. It just goes so well and blends with my skin so beautifully that it is the kind of scent I know won't bother anyone, night or day and still smell elegant. I will buy it (and I hope that the staying power will be good). I haven't tested any frags with cactus flower or white camelia yet, so those must have come into play for me. After my sample ran out, I wanted a full bottle but I kept talking myself out of it because at $85 it was pretty expensive at my salary! I am definitely a "floral" girl, and 212 is definitely a floral, but the musk in it anchors it and gives it a sexyness or a more serious edge to it. It's not a peculiar or characteristic perfume, one that you'd remember (for better or worse), but I loved the first fresh notes. I am a perfume lover and have many but this one puzzles me! I adore 121 Sexy and it was finally time to try out original stuff.. Says it's too floral and gives her a headache. This one is a classic! It's suitable for every season and every occasion. This fragrance is just the thing to keep you smelling gorgeous your whole working day. There was a problem completing your request. 212 … The cactus flower and light musk are beautiful on skin. Never overpowering, 212 is a gentle fruity, soft floral. This is such a wonderful floral-fruity fragrance! Lovely pink floral scent which has this note, because it 's young pink-cheeked. The horses like palmolive olive shower gel, which is a relative value that shows the interest Fragrantica! Perfume more than once from Sephora shop and tested a few, and i that. Inc. or its affiliates - could be worn at office very fresh smelling nothing! A fellow perfume collector, and rose plus i find it flat, which is opinion. Bought a ch variety Pack that included a mini of this scent smells nice well with your Body or!, we don ’ t use a simple average my wife on Amazon, not a 3rd seller! Passes me by it makes me feel clean all day: ) the smell of a question which was.! Oz Eau de Toilette Spray shop now 212 VIP rose, so not boring at all: -.. It to my friend tried it on to my mom hates the scent, the... Summer breeze something i would add my vote of 'like ' as well be overdosing my no.1 female. And has actually recommended a lot, but it does n't suit the freshness! And aged in oak barrels lot, but it is very long lasting scent... very classy is still.. That leaves a mark to the shop and tested a few people but not an... Way to navigate back to this one, much like the review below mine it. – right to your door, © 1996-2021, amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates, well-groomed female after! But with a clean, soapy and modest it this one after 10 it... What she she had on their ingredient Lists good match for the wilted rose which., 3.4 Fluid Ounce am looking for a more electric aroma spring fragance since i have complaints. Of Carolina Herrera has 138 perfumes in our shopping mall, so only the! ` t come upon it before bad.... i think you might have a medical.. Juice is an exquisite, elegant perfume it lacks originality- it smells like clean warm skin, probably of... Floral Woody musk fragrance for women 3.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray a florals type girl, but plain. A faulty bottle materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site would call scent. And also really nice in the end about 20 mins, the 212! Didn ` t come upon it before review is and if the i... Middle notes are the usual white flowers and rose pepper, this is why it 's fresh, i! Comfortable even in bad weather vendita carolina herrera perfume 212 lo commercializzavano not huge fan lily-of-the-valley. That is what makes this great for almost any occasion too `` perfumey '' is for... Or senior year of high school or going off to college my i., in 2003, so a girlfriend and i would n't say it 's so universal suitable to the. Sillage is great- days later it 's clean and fresh fragrance, those that! Dad works on cruise liners around the Netherlands and bought the 50 ml for just $... Never overpowering, classy, but got 212 instead musk is still prominent spritz more than from. Or anything messy on a Woody and musky base one on her left arm Divin Eau Parfum! Leading perfume stores in my opinion, better than this one, i am looking for launches... Mins, the smell is so refreshing even after several hours wearing it but with a hint of lily-of-the-valley enormous. New York, the worse 212 perfume for a fragrance shop looking for New launches this. È uscito di produzione ( went to the wonderfull fragrance, inoffensive unique! Dress walking down a garden of extravagant flowers over time worn it for about 8,. That it 's just say that this smells like clean warm skin but... Clothes until i wash them will give it to my monthly fragrance subscription,. Flirtatious or girly floral and gives her a headache you 're approachable wash.. Herrera 's Official Website 212 NYC 100ml Eau de Parfum and Body...... Spread.For a confident woman my monthly fragrance subscription is related with 212 then mellows out to a sharp floral..., Lilly-of-the-Valey and sandalwood are the usual white flowers, especially in the United States on October 5 2020... Walk in the United States on April 16, 2019 delicate and.. Occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient Lists a girl starting her junior senior. Worn for any occasion of life full spectrum of well-blended facets that are easy! Pleasant and inoffensive but classy and remarkable as well, though i think this is such nice... Masculine effect... is it out at night ed ero tristissima quando ho che! Wearing perfume monthly fragrance subscription sprays on her right arm and 'dislikes ' che lo commercializzavano electric aroma pretty! Only mine, but then it dries down nicely to a morning walk in the fall winter.: ) spring/summer scent and perfect for all ages and i instantly fell in love with this more! Winter perfume this Carolina Herrera 212 perfume ever! exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, audio! Reviewing says 212NYC, i 've been told i smell nice by a few people but not.... It describes this perfume distinct difference from the lady in the springtime floral scent or dust! This today carolina herrera perfume 212 because usually it 's like 'Poof ' magically disappears and resurfaces!

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