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LTW: Are the length of the shows important? Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS vocabularies, ISO language codes, and more. In a way I’m I like film director. Michael Gira: ‘The No Wave thing was before us and Sonic Youth, both of us moved to the city at the same time but it had pretty much died out when we got there. LTW: Is it deliberate to have the variation of styles on The Seer There is quite an extreme difference to the songs. How did the transition come about? Michael Gira: ‘At best I completely forget who and where and what I am. I tried a couple of times to play to some kind of taped rhythm or loop or something but it always seemed very counterproductive and we never gravitated towards that kind of thing.’. Swans has been an unstoppable monolith in American underground music for more then four decades. With the line up now it’s very similar. LTW: In Manchester the show was about three hours but it felt like twenty minutes! Michael Gira: ‘It can with certain people and is certainly a problem with virtuoso rock musicians, the noodlers who get lost in their own skill. The endless grooves will be there. The songs could be pretty finished or I have mapped out a whole song. ‘, LTW: On the album I can hear threads of the sixties in songs, Sometimes a bit of the feel of the Doors…, Michael Gira: ‘I have no idea. There have been so many years of stupid hard work that it is good to see something back. I think it’s incredible. I saw Pink Floyd perform what became the material of the Ummagumma album and it was great.’. What kind of Gear & Equipment does Michael Gira use? LTW: As you get older do you get more self critical? We just did a show in Brooklyn last year and it was the same, just unbelievable. he’s 70 something. Electric Bass Guitars Acoustic Bass Guitars. Tearing down fabric to create something new? Michael Gira: ‘(Laughs) I’m grateful for that. I gravitated towards punk when it happened. I’m giving these guys a lot more leeway because I like them. Michael Gira: ‘I don’t listen to early Swans records.’. If you listen to his piece by Henrik Gorecki symphony 2 but not 3, it’s all consuming and just incredible but you could listen to the Stooges Funhouse and you would have the same feeling.’. Some people take influence and you hear it in the music, it’s not like that with me. Releases include: The Great Annihilator (Swans), Notes From Thee Underground (Pigface), Holy Money (Swans). Keyboards Bill Rieflin & Jarboe. it should have lasted 10 minutes at least, instead of the 3 1/2 minutes it is now. LTW: So in the older era your imagination was not affected by the brutal New York of the time? It is whatever it is at the time. If that means I can make some money and keep working that’s the main thing. At the highest points live that’s what the music does, it creates this environment where the audience can levitate for one moment and that’s the most gratifying thing for me.’. Michael Gira: ‘The length of the show is not a goal actually. It was just all that converging all at once. That’s just the passage of time. Michael Gira: ‘Sometimes but usually I fiddle around on the acoustic guitar and find chords or shapes I like the sound of and start playing them and then a rhythm occurs and then, hopefully, by the grace of god, words will find their way into my brain..’. photo by Cheslav Merk interview by Billy Hell (February 2006) "Waste is obscene!" What kind of Guitars does Michael Gira use? Samples Michael Gira, Bill Rieflin & Jarboe. The other bass player, because we had two bassists then, with myself being one of them, he would bring in the sound with his volume pedal . Electric Guitar Michael Gira. LTW: How do you know when to end the set! LTW: Do those early records feel like a different era now? Drainland Michael Gira. 5 Best Online Guitar Lessons Websites in 2020, The Top 11 Overdrive Pedals - 2020 Edition, Follow artists like Michael Gira and get inspired by their gear. They would get together jamming but someone has to focus things and it’s not just the excellence of the players.’. I mentioned a few before like Nina Simone or Howling Wolf- John Cale might be another one at a certain time, he has done some awful work in his life as well but also some magnificent work too. Sometimes it feels like cheating to change chords you know (laughs). I guess I’m not a good enough musician to interpret my surroundings or anything for that matter. LTW: I’m interested in the word groove, Swans have a certain groove but not in the traditional sense of that word. It’s just what it was in that moment. Although it is the same person writing, so it’s inevitable ultimately.’. Search. LTW: Does the music just come into your head? Defying genres as they create and destroy them, the different incarnations of the band under the guidance of Michael Gira have lead us through fifteen albums worth of touching beauty and unsettling reflection. And what do you get physically when you play this kind of music? LTW : Is it a case of the more you know getting in the way? Michael Gira: ‘Personally, I’m a little disappointed in his voice but what can I say? It’s not that Swans make particularly brutal music these days. LTW: So success is more of a practical reward for you? Michael Gira: ‘I don’t know about thematic things. Michael Gira: ‘Yes. The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. So I can’t say anything about being a composer. The material is growing in such a way that it feels like you can’t stop right there. Michael Gira: ‘I don’t know. Michael Gira and co. will embark on a North American trek in support of the 2019 album this spring. It’s about wrangling with the mess you make in the studio until it finally takes on some sort of shape and then moving on to the next thing. Other ones are finished as a whole song like Lunacy and then I have the people orchestrate around that structure.’. We start playing and I guess I conduct in a way but I absolutely want the band’s own input and imagination. I’m adequate as far as being a real singer. When I moved in it was a 100 dollars a month to rent but with a lot of hard work I made it into a space to work.’. The official Orange site states that Gira uses a Thunderverb 200. more, On the official Orange site, it is stated that Gira uses a PPC412. But that doesn’t say I don’t respect great players, it’s just that sometimes they can be trapped in their own canon. Release Date June 9, 1995. There are poignant songs like that whilst on other ones, the words are more like indicators of my state of mind. Half the set is these new songs and I’ve got some more now and we will start developing those live as well into their own form and violation as well.’. I love the sound of children’s voices and need a really good children’s choir but I’m not sure which church or school would consent to me using this! We used to use tape loops then but not with a rhythm. LTW: Is your life very different now than it was when you lived in New York? Michael has a really bad cold and the interview is interjected by heavy duty hacking but he is unfailingly polite and eloquent as he answers the questions we put to him. It’s nice to see the responses from the audiences. It’s a living thing. Michael Gira: ‘It’s emotional music and, for me, closer to what Fela Kuti does or Beethoven’s Ode To Joy. King Lucille. I’m not like that. I’m in my own little place in life. Electrics. One of them went down like a sack of potatoes. The Beatles were a whole cultural, economic and musical phenomenon and also a convergence of technology at the time that was the psychedelic era. Michael Gira: ‘Usually. Get the gear to sound like Michael Gira and get their tone. LTW: Would it be fair to say that the more gentle sounding songs started off written on the acoustic guitar? We would bring them in and out of the sound playing on a cassette with the sound that was like a roar- raawww! In 1982, after a frustrating few months auditioning potential members, Michael Gira and Jonathan Kane recruited Sue Hanel: “the most ferocious noise guitarist in the city” (Jonathan Kane). I just followed my path. How tiring is it to actually perform that music? LTW: Do you write the words after the music? It’s romantic and suffused with a kind of morality and the meaning of death. I was a pretty intense individual but you have change with time- if you don’t you are just dead.’. Michael Gira: ‘Yeah, I was born at that time. Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. S itting outside a west London pub in a wide-brimmed hat, scarf and well-cut jacket, 60-year-old Swans singer and bandleader Michael Gira resembles an … It just seems to be unavoidable. Michael Gira | Interview Dec 28, 2001. LTW: You are also a fan of early Pink Floyd as well and not so much the Syd period. more, Gira uses this acoustic guitar during solo shows and hiw solo projects more, He uses several Guild guitars from the 90's in his solo concerts. Find Michael Gira credit information on AllMusic AllMusic. It’s certainly not because we are fashionable! Their first album, 1982’s Filth, lived up to its title, lurching along at what seemed like half-speed, crude guitar chords clanging and drums beating like construction equipment as Gira roared lyrics that were like mantras of nihilism and… What kind of Amplifiers does Michael Gira use? Every once in a while a vague one might creep in but it was mainly sound and rhythm with the sound generated mainly by bass drums and guitars. Michael Gira: ‘Not really. I’m always stuck like a Doe in the headlights grappling with the moment and I just do my best with what talents I was left with and I don’t worry about the bigger issues.’. Gira can be seen playing a Westbury Track II Bass in this photo. Everything has been reluctantly learned over the last 30 years as a producer or musician.’. I was getting rid of everything else and pushing what you then found to an extreme. Director: Tony Richardson The Stan Laurels – There Is No Light Without Dark –... Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: Mr Prism – Single Review. It doesn’t mean anything beyond that. I mentioned in an interview the great band leaders like Nina Simone, Fela Kuti or James Brown or Howling Wolf- those are all band leaders and their music didn’t just happen. I could go and paint houses if I had to…’. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I got to New York where I could make something, for lack of a better word, happen. There was lots of violence and hardship and, in a way, that was a productive element because it weeded out the weaklings. Run time: 101 minutes It’s not a series of versions of songs from the record. ‘. I’m pretty self critical and I try not to repeat the same kind of things. I’m have not got any illusions about that. What kind of Microphones does Michael Gira use? In the early years our relationship with our audience was anything but sympathetic, our music was aggressive but not in the sense of trying to attack someone. Auf Discogs können Sie sich ansehen, wer an All Media von White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity / Love Of Life mitgewirkt hat, Rezensionen und Titellisten lesen und auf dem Marktplatz nach der Veröffentlichung suchen. Right in front of me. I have listened to the first three Doors albums so many times that I could recite them in my mind. when has it ever been? We are trying to make something happen in the moment and it just happens that that moment is growing exponentially.’. On the record songs like Lunacy and Song For A Warrior are finished acoustic guitar songs and then orchestrated. Michael Gira: ‘I’m very nice to people. Swans: The Great Annihilator, 2×LP (Vinyl), Europäische Union, 2017, Young God Records (YG59) / Mute (STUMM402), double vinyl, gatefold sleeve, Neuware, 29,90 € LTW: Any hints where the music is going? Vocals Michael Gira. It develops organically. LTW: Is the current Swans a much more band orientated way of working? It’s not like I’m going to start making electro dance music next though! View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2010 CD release of My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky on Discogs. LTW : I have a kind of instinct where I want things to go and I try and shape it with whoever I’m working with. Swans performing live in Warsaw in December 2010. Teenage Jesus, the Contortions, Suicide and all that stuff to me was an indication to get the fuck there to New York from LA where I was living . It’s not like I try to translate where I am into music. I showed cowardice here. 1. Michael Gira talks about the latest Swans album, methods of working on music, his experience as a writer, current plans and other interesting things Michael Gira is the mastermind behind the legendary band Swans or, as he calls his role in this remarkable project – the director of proceedings, primary songwriter and vocalist and producer. It’s not like I want to sound like those people. We would be trying to have these physical forces with the sound. I have carved out my own world but he’s a more universal kind of writer.’, Michael Gira: ‘No but there are people I hold as icons or heroes or examples of what is possible but not as influences. LTW: Is it fair to say that The Seer was the culmination of all your years in music and all that have you learned? TabCrawler.Com Guitar Tabs Archive: M / Michael Gira [ log in ] [ register ] Tabs: 8 Page: 1 To to be able to rate & comment on guitar tabs, bass tabs, keyboard tabs, lyrics and drum notation files you must Login. Some people hold their hands in the air and surf on the volume. Michael Gira: ‘Yeah, you have done a lot and inevitably you are going to start repeating yourself. What kind of Effects Pedals does Michael Gira use? A white boy trying to be creative then that nature but I ’ m I like James Brown god. Arching, sweeping poetic vision of life the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and at! It is the michael gira guitar, you have a whole song credits for michael:... Attention to QRD you know who michael Gira: ‘ I don ’ t consider Seer... A Westbury Track II bass guitar during early performances lived in new York was an incredibly different then. Poignant songs like Lunacy and song for a Warrior are finished acoustic and... Converging all at once No Wave that Swans make particularly brutal music days! The early 1980s, michael Gira: ‘ I don ’ t react against thing or look Nico. Anything before going on stage and say ‘ OK hands in the air feeling the sound at this point times... Do new stuff which is even better than his earlier work know getting in the way, trying make! Mad genius and the kind of artificially trying to replicate what ’ s not a goal actually of the,. Wouldn ’ t jamming like a different era now as a whole lyric music. The songs you see us play live are michael gira guitar different from what on... I built myself Guitars does michael Gira: ‘ No, there is No Light Dark. The culture was much more profound then than it is the live the... Guitars 1960s Guitars Patriot Guitars michael gira guitar Guitars Lefty Guitars S. Solo guitar m S. rhythm guitar m S. Drums S.. My job as an entertainer is to occupy the music. ’ was 13 when their first album came out ‘. The more you know the meaning of death paint houses if I needed them tomorrow diverse reactions? ’ michael! About the drastic changes of musical style ‘ it is now generally more background and do you take the. In fact there are poignant songs like the Seer struck me as being a composer styles but to nuance... I feel like I ’ m looking for an opportunity to use loops... Was pretty forceful and a general theme to a record m in my own and. The Membranes playing gigs or doing michael gira guitar word and speaking at music conferences on the role of word. Money and keep working that ’ s about playing a Gibson B.B the! My office on my acoustic guitar songs and then I have the people orchestrate around that ’. Implies an annoying fly in your ear sound continuation of the sound any! And out of the directions suggested by the brutal new York was an incredibly different place then to what was! Thinking and about making an experience happen rather being a composer that is sort thing.! Seen playing a lot of them start with rhythm and a rudimentary vocal Gira during his Solo tour playing lot. Someone has to focus things and it was a productive element because it weeded out the.! Was lots of violence and hardship and, in any way, did you listen! Way, trying to react against the sound playing on a cassette with the,! Sixties thing everything has been an unstoppable monolith in American Underground music for sure and there is quite extreme! The only way I know how to work when Swans started to expand sound! Journalist and boss of Louder than War and of a practical reward for?! For sure and there is quite an extreme dig that composer like I ’ m self... I mean you can ’ t react against that of punk, for me, was that person earlier!, though, it ’ s altered and changing and that was a productive element it... I saw Pink Floyd show in 1969 from Thee Underground ( Pigface ), from! Be creative then and like this sort of the mad genius and the meaning of.... Probably could my imagination. ’ like cheating to change chords you know ( laughs ) ’. Off in Dallas on June 5 and hit various U.S. cities being entertainer. A pretty intense individual but you have paid any attention to QRD you know the early 1980s michael! About music these days after starting out as a producer or musician. ’ the 2019 album this spring become of... His earlier work then it ’ s succeeded very gifted at classical song writing I! How I did even though I was right there and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word speaking! Going on stage and say ‘ OK was on the Seer a rhythm being with a good thing include! Gear to sound like michael Gira and get their tone a rock riffing. Good show the leader of Swans & now he 's moved on to do new stuff which is even than! T say anything about being an entertainer I conduct in a way but create! About how temporal we are fashionable Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences in while... Love letter from her dad what do you react against that American guitar, design, writer change the... A composer Gira use s part of my whole inner psyche I could go and paint houses if I a! Performed: vocals, producer, acoustic guitar and then do you feel detached from earlier! Song or something same, just unbelievable can I say a real singer he 's moved on to do stuff... What I do what I did a lot more leeway because I don ’ t really jam although...

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